- January 17, 2014 -

Who are the names behind Barnaby?

Andrei, David and Shay.

How did you all meet?

[Andrei] We previously worked together at a global management consultancy.

When did you decide to create a sock label?

[Shay] We first came up with the idea at the beginning of 2013. We spent the majority of the year designing socks, testing samples and building the brand to ensure we hit the ground running when we launched. There have been some delays but the extra planning is really paying off.

Quirky geometric design plays a huge role in the aesthetic of the range, do you have a centralized theme for each collection or is it just a case-by-case design process?

[David] There is no centralized theme – designs are created on a case by case basis. Right now we love the way simple shapes and patterns can break up the monotony of flat textured suits. We are constantly scanning through graphic design and architecture journals for inspiration.

Now you have this unique little feature that I think is genius, each pair has a button and loop that keeps the socks together when you wash them. Who came up with that?

[Andrei] David came up with the button, he was really getting annoyed at the number of single socks he was losing. We were shocked that it had not been done before.

[Shay] It was important to make the button strong enough to hold the socks together and at the same time it was key that the button was not intrusive – the small button on the outside of the sock works perfectly.

You produce offshore in Korea (sweatshop + child labour free) how does the product compare to existing labels who produce elsewhere?

[David] Koreans are well regarded in the hosiery space and this translates perfectly to socks. They have the attention to detail of quality European manufacturers with the technology and scale of Asian manufactures.

What has been one of the biggest struggles tapping into the menswear market?

[Andrei] In our opinion social media is less effective with men than it is with women. Men are less likely to make a purchase from a blog or image they have seen. There are also far fewer bloggers and avenues for promotion but it’s definitely changing.

What’s it like when you see a dapper gentleman on the street wearing a pair of Barnaby’s?

[David] It’s a great feeling! To create a product that quality conscience people are using means we are doing something right. The discerning man is probably one of the toughest consumers to please.

Where do you see the label going in the next 12 months?

[Shay] We are working hard on more designs and innovative ways to improve our product. Socks will remain our focus as there’s still a lot we can do. We will have a strong focus on collaborating with more distributors and retailers. Expect big things from Barnaby in 2014.

To view the full product range visit Barnaby Shop.


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