- October 15, 2013 -



They supply you with life changing technology, unlimited time wasting applications and now it seems they supply fashion big wigs with positions they can’t refuse. Angela Ahrendts now joins tech giant Apple and leaves the Burberry CEO reigns to Christopher Bailey, the heritage labels current Creative Director.

After 10 years of shaping the luxury label with Ahrendts and making it one of fashion’s top power houses, Chrisopher Bailey will not only keep his title as Creative Director but will also be taking on the CEO mantle by mid 2014. “I am profoundly moved and humbled to be asked to take on the CEO role at this company that means so much to me. I also feel privileged to be keeping my role as Chief Creative Officer, as I believe that creativity and innovation have been at the heart of our success in the last ten years and will be even more so in the decade ahead “ Christopher Bailey.

Regardless of the change in seats it’s clear to see that Christopher is becoming unstoppable in not only growing his own position but the Burberry label with him.


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