- August 13, 2013 -

For Autumn Winter 2013 G-STAR has again teamed up with photography god Rankin (I’m a fan boy) to continue their exploration of the ‘Art of RAW’. This time around we see the  lead songwriter Sergio Pizzorno from British band Kasabian and the Vaganova Academy ballerina Keenan Kampa as the campaign stars, an unexpected combination of creative talent we’ve come to expect from G-STAR.

Through passion and strength of will, both Sergio and Keenan have battled the odds and become leaders in their creative fields, two unique stories which sparked the interest of G-STAR from the get go. In a way they both have broken the mould and gone against the grain in pursuing their careers which ties back to the Art of RAW’s base value, to destroy something in order to create the new.

Last season the focus was on the creation of denim where as this season the focus is on all the components needed to construct it. If this film is anything like the last one be prepared for your mind to be blown. The new campaign features the Skeleton Dog once more, this time only morphing into different objects and personas through a series of powerful explosions. Running though the screen, it shatters into Keenan dancing, then dissolves into a thousand pieces of RAW denim and becomes Sergio thrashing his guitar, before finally exploding back into the running Skeleton Dog.

The Art of RAW Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign will go live across the globe from August 15th. The video will be on show at selected cinemas, for those of you who are impatient like me see below for a behind the scenes peek at the film.


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