- December 4, 2013 -

In Alchemy's first edition of "Throwback Thursday" I thought I'd share with you one of the first shows that inspired me. Starting out as a youngster it was hard to understand why people walked down runways in clothing no one could possibly wear on the street or why designers put birdcages on models heads. It wasn't until Viktor & Rolf did a conceptual Spring show in 2005 based around the idea of their new fragrance "Flowerbomb" that I thought "Ohhh NOW I get it".
Featuring an opening runway of models all clad in black with shiny motor bike helmets and militant music playing, it evoked a feeling of a harsh and cold world. The show slowly evolved into more dramatic show stopper pieces until the point where all models stood at the opening of the runway to form a tableau. After some pyrotechnics and a rotating stage wall the fragrance was released and a new softer/brighter reality was revealed. The whole idea that a fragrance could change your world instantly opened my mind to the conceptual side of fashion. This was pure theatrical genius that now has become a staple for the design duo and why I love them so much. 

Enjoy the show, and if you haven't already had your "Ah huh?" moment, then I hope this video may inspire you.



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