- February 27, 2014 -

This season Wrangler has teamed up with Photographer Bec Parsons and Stylist Caterina Scardino to deliver a good, visually appealing, and not overly complex campaign featuring free spirited models Lara Mullen and Keno Weidner.

Shot in an open meadow, this campaign transports you (if you’re old like me) to the days of grunge, a time where not caring and doing whatever you wanted was considered cool. A refreshing vibe for todays market of over exposure and desire to be “liked” (social media). Much like the campaign, Wrangler’s collection is stripped back and simplified. You’ll find raw edged tees, checked shirts and loose knits paired back with classic wash jeans in light/dark shades and minimal abrasions.

In a way this collection is going back to the core roots of denim, a time where minimal effort was it’s key lure point and I like it. Head over to Wrangler and check out the full range.



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